Ambi Climate Smart AC Control For Remote-Controlled Air Conditioner/Heat Pump

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  • Saves you money - eliminates overcooling/overheating to cut your energy bill by up to 30%.
  • Remote-free AC control - Set up timers and rules, adjust all your air conditioners from one app.
  • Easy setup - Plug it in, download the app, and connect to WiFi. Get smart AC in minutes. Works with your existing AC.
  • Smart-enable your AC - AI-driven algorithms learn what you prefer and automatically adjusts your AC.
  • Sensor-driven - equipped with temperature, humidity, sunlight, motion sensors.
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Product Description


Bring your air conditioner into the future

Ambi Climate is designed to seamlessly upgrade your air conditioner. Get comfy without having to constantly adjust your heating/cooling units!

Turn your AC unit into a smart, connected device. You'll wonder how you ever wasted so much time regulating your indoor temperature.

Ambi Climate connects your old remote-controlled air conditioner to the Cloud. It manages your ACs for you, learns your comfort zone, and delivers energy savings. Your smartphone becomes your remote so you can easily adjust your AC from anywhere, at any time.      

We support all air conditioner remotes with an LCD screen however at this time we do not support certain Frigidaire brand remotes. If you have a Frigidaire air conditioner, please check with us before purchasing.

Smart AC, done right.

Easy on the eyes: Place Ambi Climate on a shelf, stand or desk in your home or at the office. Ambi Climate is designed to fit seamlessly into your life.

Powerful, for everyone: Under the hood, Ambi Climate is equipped with intelligent sensors that help you easily manage and control your AC with precision.

Fades into the background: Ambi Climate adapts to you and what you find comfortable. You’ll know it’s working when you barely notice it at all.

Key Features

  • Works with your existing AC: Ambi Climate upgrades any infrared remote-controlled AC unit, including split units, heat/cool units and more. No hardware or installs needed.
  • Easy setup: Setup takes 5 minutes or less, and teaching your Ambi Climate is as easy as tapping “too hot” or “too cold”. Sit back, relax and let Ambi do all the work!
  • WiFi-enabled: Connects your AC to the Internet using your Wi-Fi, letting you adjust your ACs from anywhere.
  • Advanced sensors: Ambi Climate’s temperature, humidity, motion, and sunlight sensors collect vital information about your environment.
  • Always learning: The brain behind Ambi Climate is built in the Cloud so it’s always getting smarter. By analyzing your feedback, real-time weather data and sensor readings, you’re getting customized tailored indoor comfort.
  • Saves you money: Many ACs can’t hold a set temperature well, leading to overcooling and overheating - which will cost you over time. Ambi Climate throttles your AC to eliminate energy waste so you get to keep a little more of your hard-earned cash each month.
  • Comfort Mode adapts to you: Teach Ambi Climate what feels “just right” to you, and it’ll work its magic to keep your space perfectly comfy.
  • Away Mode takes care of your home: Set temperature and humidity thresholds and Ambi will make sure your plants, pets and clothes are protected from unwanted moisture and extreme temperatures.
  • Fine-grain temperature control: Set half degrees and maintain a consistent “feels like” temperature.
  • Replaces your remote: Your smartphone becomes your remote. Use the app to control your AC and never rummage the couch folds for your remote again.
  • Timers: Set timers to turn your AC on or off based on your daily routine.
  • Control all your ACs from one app: Use the app to control all your ACs, no matter where you are.

Works just like your AC remote...


Works with your existing AC: Ambi Climate is compatible with all major infrared-remote controlled AC brands. It uses infrared to talk to your air conditioner, just like your old remote. As long as your remote has an LCD screen, Ambi Climate can work with it.

Easy breezy setup: Set up your Ambi Climate in 5 minutes or less. Just plug it in, use the app to connect to WiFi, and start using smart-enabled AC.

Lets you set timers and rules: Want your AC to turn on automatically when your room gets too hot or humid? Simply set up a rule in the app, and let Ambi Climate handle the adjustments for you. Use timers to set your AC to your daily schedule.

Replaces your remote: Whether you’re in another corner of the house, or on the other side of the world, use the free iOS/Android companion app to control your AC anytime straight from your smartphone. Pre-cool your home on a summer’s day or adjust the AC from the couch without having to search for the AC remote.

… and does so much more


Smart features 
Ambi Climate is intelligent, and its built-in features make your AC smarter every day. Can your remote do these things?

Customized comfort: Ambi Climate’s smart sensors monitor your environment and learn how things like weather, motion, sunlight, temperature and humidity impact your comfort.

Learns your personal preferences: Tap the app to let Ambi Climate know when you’re “too hot”, “too cold”, or “just right” and it will build a tailored profile of your AC preferences. Ambi Climate’s smart algorithms learn how to keep your space just the way you like it.

Gets smarter over time: The more feedback you give Ambi Climate, the better it understands you. Ambi Climate programs itself, adjusting to you and your environment, becoming more intuitive over time.

Adapts to your lifestyle: Life can be unpredictable. Ambi Climate gives you the flexibility to set custom schedules and rules based on your routine. Turn on your AC as you leave the office through the app or set up a timer to let Ambi Climate do it for you.

Lets you sleep through the night: When you sleep, your metabolism drops, which can wake you up feeling cold. Ambi Climate works through the night to keep you comfortable. Let it manage your AC so you can get your beauty rest, without interruptions.

Maintains consistent indoor temps: Whether it’s caring for your favorite plants or keeping the room dry for your violin, Ambi Climate regulates temperature and humidity automatically, so the things you care about stay safe and sound.

Your personal AC assistant: Forgot to turn off your AC before you left on holiday? Use the app to have Ambi Climate switch off your AC on your way to the airport or from the beach.

Saves energy each month: Ambi Climate ingeniously eliminates overcooling and overheating so you stop wasting energy and start saving money - and the planet.

Ambi Climate App


Tell it how you really feel 

Let Ambi Climate take the reigns. When you tap “too cold” or “too hot” in the app, Ambi Climate listens and learns. Our AI-driven algorithms crunch your feedback along with real-time weather and sensor data so we know exactly when to heat, cool, or turn the temperature up or down. You’ll always feel “just right”.

Manage while you’re away

Whether you’re at the office or chilling on the beach, get Ambi Climate to keep your home the way you left it. Set temperature and humidity rules to ensure your AC turns on or off automatically if your home’s indoor climate gets too hot or too cold. Ambi Climate keeps your pets cool and safeguards against mold or unwanted moisture without breaking the bank.

Gain useful insights

Air conditioners can account for up to 40% of your home’s energy bill. The app makes it easy to stay informed about your household AC usage patterns so your monthly bill won’t startle you. Understand how different indoor and outdoor conditions impact your comfort so you can take action to save energy.

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