Cowon Plenue M2

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Mã sản phẩm: PM2-128SL
Thương hiệu: COWON
Bảo hành: 12 Tháng

Máy nghe nhạc Cowon Plenue M2 nằm ở phân khúc thấp tầm trung trong dòng máy cao cấp Plenue của Cowon. Vẫn triết lý thiết kế trau chuốt, tinh tế, hiện đại, chất âm cân bằng, quyến rũ với khả năng chơi nhạc 24bit/192kHz, chơi được hầu hết các thể loại nhạc từ lossless đến DSD, hỗ trợ thẻ nhớ và cả optical out.

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Cowon Plenue | 3K Shop

High Definition Sound


The Sound Evolution Beyond Your Imagination

Cowon Plenue M2 | 3K Shop

24bit/192kHz High Definition Sound    I    Highest Performance Burr-Brown PCM1795 DAC    I    SNR 120dB, THD+N 0.0007%, Output 2Vrms 
High Performance Amplifier    I    JetEffect 7 & BBE+, 66 Presets    I    DXD / DSD(DFF, DSF) / FLAC / WAV / AIFF / ALAC / APE / MP3 / WMA / OGG / WV / TTA / DCF 
ARM Cortex Dual-Core    I    AMOLED 3.7 inch 16M Color Display    I    Premium High Strength Metal Unibody    I    Isometric Edge Design    I    Convenient Multi-Button 
High Speed 128GB Internal Memory    I    microSD Card Slot    I    Optical Out

Advanced HD Sound Without Limits

The PLENUE philosophy in pursuit of studio quality sound continues to evolve. The PLENUE M2 is the culmination of the best in audio technologies to faithfully reproduce sound closer to the original studio recording. As a successor to the PLENUE M, the sound has been precisely tuned for a more advanced HD sound. The PLENUE M2 includes the Burr-Brown PCM1795 (24bit/192kHz) stereo DAC used in the finest Hi-Fi audio systems as well as superior SNR, THD+N, and crosstalk specifications for a more evolved sound when playing high definition sources. Continuing in the prestige of the PLENUE series of DAPs, the PLENUE M2 delivers the impressions infused in music intact to listeners.

Cowon Plenue M2 | 3K Shop

The Best Sound Performance for HD Sound 
SNR 120dB, THD+N 0.0007%, Crosstalk -130dB

PLENUE M2 is proud to introduce the best performance figures for listening HD Sound. It has the highest performance figures even among first tier devices in the category. Specifications such as SNR(120dB), THD+N(0.0007%), Crosstalk(-130dB) are most important criteria in acoustic devices. Also the device has outstanding output power (2Vrms) to support high impedance Hi-Fi headphones without separate headphone amplifiers. By adapting a high precision TCXO and exceptional Phase Jitter of 1.0ps, PLENUE M2 can perform flawlessly under any circumstances.

Cowon Plenue M2 | 3K Shop

High Performance Amplifier 
for a True HD Sound

For truly vivid and rich HD audio, a high performance amplifier optimized for high end receivers is essential. The circuits of the PLENUE M2 are expertly designed and use the latest audio technologies to output the ideal power levels so the receiver units perform optimally. High end, high impedance headphones that are difficult to drive can be used without a separate headphone amplifier. In addition, bass and treble expressions are outstanding due to the sophisticated sound tuning. Clear sound is realized even with a variety of receivers.

High SNR, Indispensable Element for HD Sound

When we hear the music, acoustic signal picks up unavoidable noises as the signal processes to the output, the process leads to distortion in the original signal. This phenomenon can be expressed as a numerical value of SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio). SNR compares the level of a desired signal to the level of background noise. It is one of key criteria that can be measured to compare acoustic performances between one to another. 
If there is a difference of 6dB between two devices, there is a difference of 1 quantization bit in digital signal. For example, the device with 113dB has a loss of more than 1 quantization bit in digital signal, which leads to twice the amplitude resolution difference comparing to PLENUE M2 with 120dB. 
Therefore, to fully enjoy the HD Sound, a device must have excellent SNR figures. Having a poor SNR or THD means the device performs imperfect reproduction of the 24bit source, so there is no difference between playing 24bit source and 16bit source. COWON processed through intensive research and development period to achieve the best SNR, THD etc. PLENUE M2 covers from basic specifications to advanced ones offering enhanced enjoyment of listening HD Sound to users.

Cowon Plenue M2 | 3K Shop

True Original Sound
24bit/192kHz High Resolution Sound

24bit/192kHz source recorded in studio provides the best sound, it has no signal loss and has outstanding resolution. Enjoy a true HD Sound using PLENUE M2 that plays artist and engineer's intended sound without missing a single detail.

Heart of PLENUE M2,
World's Finest Audio DAC
Implemented Burr-Brown PCM1795 DAC

Implementing Burr-Brown's luxurious DAC, PCM1795, used in high end premium products, the device expresses the best possible sound. PCM1795 is the world's finest high performance Audio DAC that fully supports DSD, as well as 24bit/192kHz PCM. PLENUE M2 uses PCM1795 to play nature sound of the actual music.

Tune the Physical Limitations of Time and Space
JetEffect 7

Even in original sound, speakers and headphones tend to physically delay high frequency range compare to low frequency range. JetEffect 7 & BBE+ corrects and compensates the distortion to present the original sound like real live. JetEffect 7 upgraded from JetEffect 5 gives more powerful performance. It provides 10 bands equalizer and EQ filter, which allow users to adjust detailed acoustic frequency bands depending on their tastes. Enjoy optimum sound under any circumstances with newly added Chorus and various 66 presets.

Completing Beautiful Design and
High Quality Sound using Full Metal Unibody

PLENUE M2, unlike other products that use metal in part, is made of full metal unibody with aluminum tube processing. PLENUE M2 implements not only top notch design but also a high quality and low noise sound by using the closed full metal unibody that works as an electrical GND. The seamless and elegant look of PLENUE M2 would satisfy both your design and sound tastes.

Cowon Plenue M2 | 3K ShopCowon Plenue M2 | 3K Shop

Enjoying HD Sound through PC

Not going through PC Sound card that generates some noises, PLENUE M2 supports USB DAC function with which you can use PLENUE M2 as an external sound card connecting with PC. When audio files on PC are played, PLENUE M2 converts them to distinct and clear sound, so that you can enjoy the HD Sound of PLENUE M2 without moving music files into PLENUE M2.

Enough Space for Quality Sound Source
Support up to 256GB memory

Since high-quality sound files recorded in studio are not compressed to preserve all the information, the High Fidelity audio device requires a large amount of storage space. PLENUE M2 comes with a 128GB high speed internal memory, which is large enough to facilitate high quality audio files. In addition, the storage capacity of the device can be extended up to 256GB by adding 128GB microSD card to its slot at the moment.

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