Garmin TruSwing Golf Sensor

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Mã sản phẩm: 010-01409-01
Thương hiệu: Garmin
Bảo hành: 12 Tháng
  • Measures Golf Swing Tempo, Speed, & More
  • Tracks Club Path and Critical Angles
  • Integrates with Garmin Approach Devices
  • Uploads Data to Garmin Connect
  • Unobtrusive Design
  • Mounts Easily to Club
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Improve your golf game and overall swing mechanics with the TruSwing Golf Sensor from Garmin. The TruSwing mounts securely and unobtrusively below your club grip. Once installed, it measures several swing metrics, including your swing tempo ratio, contact speed, club path, and more. This data is uploaded wirelessly via Bluetooth to Garmin Connect, where it can be analyzed to help you improve your swing mechanics and your game. This analysis includes real-time 3D swing animations, overlaid shot comparisons, and more. The TruSwing also integrates with Garmin's Approach golf devices (sold separately) for even more in-depth analysis. A mount and installation hardware are included.

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