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  • * Kính thông minh thế hệ mới từ Snap Inc
  • * Vừa là kính, vừa là camera quay phim,chụp ảnh
  • * Quay video 10s, tự động lưu vào Snapchat
  • * Import trực tiếp qua WiFi
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What are Spectacles?


Spectacles are the most fun way to make memories and then relive them later! In short, Specs are sunglasses that Snap! — allowing you to capture life from your perspective. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, Specs make it easy to capture the moment without interrupting what you’re doing.

Spectacles capture and save Snaps in a new circular video format that mimics the field of vision captured by the human eye. Within Snapchat, Snaps can be played full-screen, in any orientation. Just rotate your phone! Spectacles' circular video is designed to work with rotation view, only in Snapchat. You can also download Spectacles videos to your phone’s camera roll. These videos will be circular.


How to use Spectacles


To record up to a 10-second video Snap, simply tap the button on the left-hand temple. Tap again for an additional 10 seconds, up to 30 seconds. Press and hold to stop recording. Specs can capture up to 100 Snaps on one charge!

Spectacles feature both outward-facing and inward-facing lights to indicate to you and the world around you when you’re recording.

Snaps taken with Spectacles transfer wirelessly into your Snapchat Memories section. To find the Memories section, just swipe up from the Snapchat camera screen. Once Spectacles Snaps import into Memories, you can send them to friends in Snapchat or post them to your Story. You can also edit them by “pressing and holding” just like other Snaps in Memories -- add doodles, Filters that were available when you took your Snaps, Stickers, captions, and more.

The charging case holds four full charges so Spectacles are always ready to go!

Spectacles work with Snapchat on compatible iOS & Android devices.
  • Spectacles are sunglasses that Snap - allowing a new way to capture life from your point of view with the press of a button.
  • Take a 10-second snap directly from your Specs and your videos are automatically saved in Memories on Snapchat.
  • Connect to Spectacles over Wi-Fi to import your Snaps in HD. You can send them on Snapchat, or export them to another app or your device’s Camera Roll!
  • Create up to 100 Snaps on one charge. Power them back up in their charging case, which can hold up to 4 full charges at a time!
  • Spectacles come with a charging case, a charging cable, a cleaning cloth & quick start guide.
  • GIAO HÀNG 60 PHÚT ( HCM + HN )
  • ATM, VISA, MASTER CARD miễn phí
  • Kết nối với chúng tôi qua FACEBOOK
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