Nokia BPM Blood Pressure Monitor - máy đo huyết áp không dây

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Thương hiệu: NOKIA
Mã hàng:
BP-801 -All-Inter
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Bảo hành: 12 tháng
Miễn phí giao hàng
  • - Đo nhịp tim và huyết áp chính xác cao
    - Rõ ràng bởi FDA
    - Thiết kế thân thiện cho du lịch
    - Ứng dụng khởi chạy tự động và cung cấp kết quả mã hoá tức thì
    - Tất cả các kết quả có sẵn ngay lập tức trên iPhone của bạn qua Bluetooth
    - Dễ dàng chia sẻ báo cáo với bác sĩ của bạn
    - Thời lượng pin lên đến một năm
Sản phẩm cùng loại

From the manufacturer

Blood Pressure Monitoring Made Simple

Slip on the cuff, turn on the Nokia BPM, and the Health Mate app will automatically launch. Following a brief set of instructions, you are ready to take your blood pressure.








Instant Feedback

The app gives you instant color-coded feedback based on the ESH (European Society of Hypertension) and the AHA (American Heart Association) recommendations for hypertension.

Your History, On Hand

Because tracking over time helps you better understand heart health, the Health Mate app stores all your BP readings, syncs with the Health Mate app and creates an easy-to-understand chart.

Keep Your Doctor in the Loop

Use the Nokia BPM for prevention or to check the efficacy of your treatment. Either way, a few taps on your smartphone is all it takes to share measurements with your doctor.








Save the co-pay

This Nokia BPM has received clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA, and is compliant with European medical device regulations. It is also cleared as a medical device in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Backed by Research

The Nokia Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor has been used in project, studies and clinical trials conducted in several universities and health systems including the University College Dublin (UCD), University Hospital Center (CHU) in Toulouse, and the American Medical Group Association.

Hy-Result - Advanced Cardiovascular Health Reporting

This optional upgrade helps you follow a medical protocol, at home. Our new premium feature provides you with coaching and a personalized blood pressure report directly in the Health Mate app. 

Available exclusively on iOS.

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