• ZAGG Slim Book iPad Pro 12.9
  • ZAGG Slim Book iPad Pro 12.9
  • ZAGG Slim Book iPad Pro 12.9
  • ZAGG Slim Book iPad Pro 12.9
  • ZAGG Slim Book iPad Pro 12.9
  • ZAGG Slim Book iPad Pro 12.9
  • ZAGG Slim Book iPad Pro 12.9

ZAGG Slim Book iPad Pro 12.9

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Mã sản phẩm: 848 467 043 082
Thương hiệu: ZAGG
Bảo hành: 12 Tháng
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From the Manufacturer

ZAGG Slim Book Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

The ZAGG Slim Book keyboard and detachable case is the ultra-slim solution to your mobile typing needs. Its unique hinge secures your tablet at virtually any viewing angle and allows for a convenient keyboard, video, and book mode, it also folds flat for a protective case mode. The Slim Book is powered by one of the industry’s most powerful batteries that keeps you typing for up to two years between charges*.


Long Lasting

The Slim Book’s powerful, rechargeable battery provides up to two years of typing between charges*. Two years! Think of all the things you can get done without stopping to charge.

*Based on regular use of one hour per day. Using the backlit feature will impact battery life and will require more frequent charging.


Four Modes, No Limits

Case Mode

Case mode protects your iPad from scratches and dings while you’re on the go. It also makes separating your iPad Pro from your keyboard simple so you can easily enjoy the best of both worlds.

Keyboard Mode

Keyboard mode makes typing fast and natural by offering the largest typing area and backlit island-style keys that respond just like a traditional keyboard.

Book Mode

Book mode allows you to reverse your iPad Pro into a convenient, comfortable reading mode that keeps your iPad and keyboard protected while you read.

Video Mode

Video mode uses the Slim Book’s unique hinge to secure your iPad Pro at virtually any viewing angle so you can easily share videos with everyone.


ZAGG Slim Book Reviews

"The keyboard on the Zagg Slim Book is one of the best we've tested on a keyboard case so far. It has excellent, well-spaced, solid keys that are all in their rightful, familiar place, and they have springy feedback and satisfying travel." -- PC Mag Editor's Choice Award.

"In just a short while, the ZAGG Slim Book has become my favorite keyboard for use with the iPad Air. It doesn't lack a feature I consider desirable, and it serves my every need. There is not a single thing I would change as ZAGG has gotten it just right. This makes the Slim Book deserve the rare rating of a perfect 10." -- James Kendrick for Mobile News, ZDNet Review.

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