Xiaomi Composition Scale LPN4013GL

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Smart scale Xiaomi Mi Body Fat Scale LPN4013GL helps users to identify the scientific body index that conventional scales can not measure. With an exceptionally sophisticated and aesthetic design, precise measurement capability, extremely low measuring limits. Therefore, besides measuring human body mass, you can also use scales to measure other objects. Xiaomi Mi Body Fat Scale Scales promises to be a smart home accessory you should not ignore ..

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  • Minimalistic Design
  • 10 vital body statistics
  • Low Profile Build
  • Results automatically uploaded to Mi Fit APP
  • Optional silicone case
  • Hidden LED display
  • 304L Stainless steel electrodes
  • Supports data storage for 16 people
  • Cân thông minh cao cấp từ Xiaomi

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  • Xiaomi Composition Scale LPN4013GL

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 Xiaomi Composition Scale LPN4013GL