Yeelight Ambiance Lamp

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  • Get connected: Control dozens of Yeelight Candela lamps with the intuitive Yeelight mobile app, or connect them to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for hands-free control, and integration into larger smart home routines
  • Add accents anywhere: The built-in 2100Mah rechargeble battery allows you use Yeelight Candela lamps anywhere in your home for up to 8 hours on a single charge
  • Smart mood lighting: The Yeelight Candela offers an 1800K color temperature which mimics the natural warmth of candlelight, creating the perfect setting for intimate gatherings
  • Just give it a turn: Adjust the Candela's brightness by simply rotating the elegant glass case, and link it with other Candela lamps through the mobile app to control all of them at the same time with a simple turn of your wrist
  • Setup is a snap: Easily connect your Yeelight Candelas to the mobile app through Bluetooth, or your smart home speaker through built-in BLE mesh

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  • Yeelight Ambiance Lamp

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 Yeelight Ambiance Lamp
 Yeelight Ambiance Lamp
 Yeelight Ambiance Lamp
 Yeelight Ambiance Lamp
 Yeelight Ambiance Lamp