Micro thu âm vocal Shure SV100-X

Thương hiệu: Shure
Loại sản phẩm: Microphone
Kiểu dáng:

Cardioid vocal microphone reduces feedback and delivers excellent sound quality, and it includes the microphone, a durable cable with a 6.3-mm plug for use with home or portable recording or karaoke systems.

Tính năng nổi bật

  • For Live Sound, Recording, and Karaoke
  • Includes XLR to 1/4" Cable
  • Durable Metal Construction
  • Dynamic Capsule
  • Cardioid Pickup for Less Feedback
  • Requires No Phantom Power
  • On/Off Switch
  • XLR Output

Bên trong hộp

  • Shure SV100 Vocal Microphone with Cable
  • XLR to 1/4" Cable (15')

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